Social Media Program

Social Media Program

Complete The Tasks Given Below, & Earn Money Online.

Fill the form given below, and join our Social Media Program.

Tasks are:-

  1. Share our Facebook Posts :- Rs 20 per 60 post.
  2. Retweet our Twitter Posts :- Rs 20 per 60 retweet.
  3. Share our Tiktok contents:- Rs 20 per 100 contents.
  4. Share our Youtube Videos:- Rs 20 per 60 Videos.

Following rules should be followed when doing the tasks.

  1. Your Facebook account should have minimum 150 friends.
  2. You must be posted at least one content either on Facebook, on YouTube, or on Twitter within the last 3 months.
  3. You should have at least 25 likes on your last 3 posts.
  4. All likes and Follows should be real, and bots should never be used.

Note:- In case, you will be found using bots for doing any of our tasks, your account will be suspended without paying you anything.

Now, Fill the form below, and join our Social Media Program.