About us

About us

Funjuicy is a Multipurpose Marketing Network providing you various digital services such as Web Hosting, Website Designing and SEO/SMO. In addition to all these services, we provide you the endless opportunities to earn money from home. We offer you lots of options to work from home, and by doing one or more of those home based works, you can earn a lot. We are different than other companies in so many ways. We provide free web hosting services, and what makes us different is that we allow you to use custom domain bought from anywhere, to use with our free hosting services. Also, we never force you to show any ads on your website. However, There are so many free web hosting services providers such as 000webhost.com, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Hostinger and many more, but none of them allow you to use your custom domain. They provide you the domains having their names with them. Also, they force you to show their ads on your websites. And importantly, you can never trust them when it comes to run a commercial website because they may shut your website down whenever they want to. But, if you use our free web hosting services  you never face any such problems that you may ever face with other free web hosting provider companies. Without any doubt, you may use our free web hosting service for your business purposes too. Benefits of our free web hosting services are:-

Use your own domain.

We never force you to display any ads on your websites.

We provide the sufficient space.

We never shut your website down.

We provide the best customer support service even with free web hosting.

Therefore, we are the unique company.


If you want more disk space to use with your web hosting, we provide the premium website hosting services too. All are web hosting packages are comparatively cheaper in rates though, but functionalities and features that we provide, are highly worthy.

In addition to providing the unmatchable hosting services, we also do the SEO and SMO at cheaper rates so as to promote your business and websites. With our best SEO and SMO services your websites rank top on Google search engine and various social media. Rather than spending huge money for SEO and SMO with other companies, you can get the same services with us by spending just a few bucks.

Also, if either you don’t know how to create a website, or if you don’t have the time to create a website, we are here to help you. We charge very less for creating the website. It cost you just a few hundreds. We understand the value of your hard earned money, therefore , we don’t charge high as most others do.

We have been providing the services from last five years, and millions of our satisfied and smiling customers are enough to let you get that how so good, customer friendly, and the trustworthy company we are. We are the revolution in the digital industry.

Our Slogan is “We value the trust only, but not money”, and “Your Business smiles with us”.